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  • Cost of a Food Delivery App

    This blog post gives you a head start on the development cost of a food delivery application like Postmates and UberEATS. The blog also gives you an idea of the features to be implemented in your dream application representing your business. Read More

  • Geo Fencing enabled Tour Guide Application

    This application is a solution to of all the ways that marketers can interact with potential customers, using geofencing at it's core. This location-based technology allows you to trigger certain messages or record events when users enter a designated area. Read More

  • Should You Choose Web, Native, Or Hybrid Mobile Development?

    The moment you consider investing in a mobile app, you’re immediately faced with a plethora of terminology. What are Native apps, Web and Hybrid apps? This blog can help you with your inital know-how of app development. Read More

  • Top Blockchain Frameworks To Build You Own Blockchain

    Here we dive deep into the key challenges that enterprises face when implementing blockchain tech whilst introducing you to a few major blockcahin-based development technologies. Read More

  • Top Web Development Frameworks 2019

    On the lookout for a new web development framework for your next project? Read on to check some of the best frameworks to help you make an informed decision while choosing the framework for building web applications. Read More

  • Top Mobile App Development Frameworks 2019

    Mobile app development is currently at its peak, with a lot of developers/businesses looking to spend some serious hours in the mobile app development market. However, the major problem they face choosing and sticking to one technology stack. This is a blog post to help you with just that. Read More

  • Factory Automation Of Cnc Machine Tools

    Networking Software Solution for CNC communications. Real-time access to a CNC machine allowing factory personnel/manufacturers to regulate and control the CNC machining operations from anywhere in the world, round the clock. Read More

  • Online Web Portal And Mobile App For Buying & Selling Cars

    An online marketplace for auto traders that deal in used/new cars and provide all the necessary information that is required to buy a new car. With this online innovative solution, there are many ways users/traders can find/sell their next vehicle. the solution allows users to list a wide range of new and used cars. The range of features include bid management functionality, easy carlisting, quick communication channels and more. Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

    A quick explanation of 'How' Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) are different from each other and 'How' we can use them both to help your business stand out. Read More

  • Chatbot Development For E-commerce

    Promote products, facilitate shopping and collect customer opinions. The conversational chatbot creates a new link between the digital and physical world, without your staff working more hours. Embed this technology in your retailer business to reach potential customers, request their contact information and offer them specials. Read More

  • Interpreter Scheduling Portal

    Streamline your workflows and interpreter bookings with this robust scheduling management soltuon which features -- Invoice management, analytics reports and real-time data dashboards. Read More

  • A Powerful Cloud-based Music Streaming Platform

    A vechicle planning/ scheduling system desgined for small to mid-sized businesses, organizations is an easy-to-use technology that yields big savings in time, fuel, and labor costs. Read on to understand this helpful, affordable technology and how it works, how it saves time and money. Read More

  • GPS Web-based Vehicle Route Scheduling Application

    A vechicle planning/ scheduling system desgined for small to mid-sized businesses, organizations is an easy-to-use technology that yields big savings in time, fuel, and labor costs. Read on to understand this helpful, affordable technology and how it works, how it saves time and money. Read More

  • Web-based Online Booking Portal

    An innovative and easy-to-use large scale software solution that povides access to thousands of hotels across the globe.The online booking engine provides complete flexibility with a modular approach for tourist business holders. Read More

  • A Guide On How To Outsource Software Development (2019)

    This is an ultimate outsourcing guide (2019) for small and medium-sized businesses where we inclusively talks about the cost and benefits of outsourcing. Read on to learn everything you need to know about outsourcing, while avoiding mistakes that could cost you in quality. Read More

  • Cryptocurrency Trading/exchange Platform

    Designing & development of a Cryptocurrency exchange. A secure online platform where users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The crypto exchange is designed to set the rates of the currencies. Let's get down to the development of a complete cryptocurrency exchange software to facilitate secure and fast transactions! Read More

  • React vs Angular: Which is better for building scalable web and desktop applications?

    Every framework has its own pros and cons, meaning that there should be just a right choice for every single case during the product development. Read on to understand the differences between Angular and React to help understand which JavaScript Framework is more beneficiary for you. Read More

  • Web-to-print Product Designing Business Solution

    A fully responsive web to print solution, allowing users to process print orders conveniently. The solution can be adapted by printing companies and corporates from across the world to automate pre-print and post-print tasks & manage their online printing orders in a few clicks. Read More

  • Fully Automated University Management System

    Suretek lays light on a complete automation of university operations. The business solution is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges. A multi-purpose University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library, fee management etc. Read More

  • Smart Assistant – AI-based Chatbot

    Suretek develops an AI-driven Chatbot for the thrill of experiencing intellectual client interaction while also offering a personalized, proactive and a smart digital assistant that understands the user and their environment. The bots is a text-based program empowered by artificial intelligence and natural learning processes. Read More

  • Dropshipping Ecommerce Platform

    The yet-to-be launched online drop-shipping solution will allow you to import products to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. You don’t need to worry about shipping and packaging since supplier’s ship products directly to your customers. The solution is an online marketplace that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online. Read More

  • Testing Augment Reality Mobile App

    We helped uncover the limits restricting an Augmented reality mobile app to reach consumers with an enhanced cutomer experience. Our test engineers covered all the potential scenarios and provided an augmented view of the reality — far more thorough than a simple review of what wireframes can deliver. This is a paper on exploring the series of approaches that suretek as a revolutionary testing service provider followed. Read More

  • Web-based Crowdfunding Portal

    The client requested a web platform that could help his customers to connect to thousands of potential donors from all over the globe, and for the users to utilize this opportunity, he wanted a crowdfunding portal where users could share their impactful dreams and projects in a way that is accessible to all potential funders... Read More

  • Magento vs Drupal vs Joomla vs WordPress: A Comparison

    Here, we are going to compare 4 major content Management Systems available in the market for free. Now, since we are in the market ourselves and our team is also one that has a lot of experience in many different technologies, we think that the key point is that there is no one CMS that is better than another. It just depends on your situation and what is that you are trying to do with your website. Read More

  • Open-Source or Proprietary Software– What is Best for Users?

    So, you are unable to decide on the kind of software you should use to develop your next application on? Proprietary software or Open source software?? Here, we are going to help you with your... Read More

  • Insurance Agency Web Appllication

    Among the other insurance companies in Sweden, the client’s Insurance Agency offers a wide range of plans to the customers. These plans fulfill all the needs and necessities of the buyers at a ... Read More

  • Visitor Management Mobile App (using RFID at Large-scale Events)

    Our client is one of the world's leading software Research and Development providers, offering a wide range of Quality Management and Document Control related software(s) to improve effectiveness... Read More

  • Document Management System

    The client is deeply involved in event management of product exhibitions and is required to develop a solution for RFID tags, UBC, 2D barcodes or QR codes as virtual identifications in place of plastic... Read More

  • Magento Based Ecommerce Web App For Automotive Parts

    Our client has become one of biggest research and development facilities for vehicle tuning in Europe. The company deals with exclusive and innovative software and hardware products that improve the... Read More

  • Price Comparison Web App

    The client was looking for an ambitious and experienced team to be involved in an already decided business idea--the Hyper Niche Hotel Booking Price comparison portal. Read More

  • Taxi Service Mobile App

    The client owns a local taxi service business aspiring to assure its passengers a complete end-toend taxi booking service, with the fleet of its cabs spread across the city. Read More

  • Cryptocurrency- Betting Platform

    The Hong Kong based client sought to build a safe and secure blockchain based platform where its users could have some fun and earn some real money through betting along with... Read More

  • Data Security- End-to-end Encyprtion

    Our client is a global equity financial company based in Sweden. Information related to the current stocks on the loose is provided to its customers to help get the better of most of the deals...Read More

  • The Makeover Place – A Python Django Based Platform

    The client owns family run business for salons since the ages and is in the lookout for the best web developers in the market to build them a beautiful and adaptable web application adjacent to the services they offer the... Read More

  • Magento Ecommerce Web App

    The client is a family owned jewelry and diamond-based business striving to provide the highest quality jewels with a friendly service. ... Read More

  • Web Based-ERP Application

    The web based application is to be developed to maintain accounts, inventory, payments and books of construction and mining parts. They required inventory software that keeps track of all the activities starting from, receiving till delivery of the construction and mining parts... Read More

  • Media And Entertainment Digital Booking And Appointment Platform

    Our client is a leader in the Swedish entertainment industry with several years of working in the media and entertainment business, and have a long experience of all kinds of contracts and agreements that may occur in their clients work. They represent the most competent actors with experience from hundreds of film....Read More

  • Shop Floor Scheduling System:

    The Client is a small manufacturing company that does mostly custom jobs for its customers. Client had been on their old system for almost 10 years. It was very out-of-date and pieced together of separate programs with little to no integration between them, necessitating multiple entries in multiple systems for the same order, using other tools like Excel & email to keep track of orders from module-to-module. In short, a very inefficient and human-error prone system. The Client required an updated, accurate, powerful, easy to use Shop/Floor Management System.. Read More

  • Web Enabling – Legacy Logistic Application:

    The client was having a functional logistic/courier delivery client server application. It had number of modules like Booking & Dispatch, Wireless, Rating, GPS & Maps, Financial, Settlement, Accounts receivable and Reports. The clients wanted to web enable the whole application and add certain new advanced features.. Read More

  • Energy Management System Using House Automation

    Our client is a leading electronics manufacturer and house automation solution provider. The company deals in extensive range of devices used for automatic controls in residential and commercial buildings.....Read More

  • Real Estate Web Application

    Real estate is an integral part of the economy of any country. Client demanded a web application where an end user could sale/rent properties on-the-go. Client wanted to help the user to search a property in any city on a given time with one...Read More

  • Blockchain-enabled Health Record Management System

    Our client is an emerging Decentralized Autonomous Organization dealing in Virtual Healthcare. They are developing a blockchain based virtual care network platform. They strongly advocate bringing blockchain...Read More

  • Verifiable Nursing Credentials On Blockchain Platform

    Our client is an emerging Decentralized Autonomous Organization dealing in Virtual Healthcare. They are developing a blockchain based virtual care network platform...Read More

  • HIPAA Compliant EHR/EMR Software Solution

    Our client is an emerging medical service provider in US. It has a passionate team of employees and physicians committed to providing exceptional care and support to the patients...Read More

  • ECommerce native mobile app

    The client is a Swedish company that has earned a big name in the eCommerce market. They deal in a wide range of electronic products from computers to household items, gaming...Read More

  • Improving transportation and Logistics with IOT.

    Our client is a leading service provider in IoT who provides complete solutions for the function. They aim to help their clients become more efficient and profitable with their highly...Read More

  • Concert and Artist Review Platform

    Our client is a leading source of music news and concert information in the entertainment industry. They provide readers with music news, concert reviews, artist reviews, picture gallery and video....Read More

  • Visitor Session Recording and Replay

    Our client is a leader in the Swedish market which provides A/B testing and conversion optimization platform. It provides a product suite for lead generation, providing insights and sales from the website. It is also a leader in the....Read More

  • Central Database Distribution System For Hotel Business

    Our client is an eTravel expert that helps end-users book hotel stays and other value-added travel services. The client is currently catering wide range of customers domestic and overseas....Read More

  • Online Assessment of an Application

    The Client wanted a web application where job seekers will upload their job application and pay for the assessment. A professional reviewer will be assigned for the assessment based on the profile and industry of the job application. There will be different standards and methods based on which the assessment will be ....Read More

  • Merchant Locator Application for Android Mobile

    The client required an android mobile application which is able to dynamically track the location of stores, restaurants, ATMs, Shopping malls, petrol pumps, etc. within a particular distance from the current location of the user. Each location plotted on a map by its company logo so that the user did not face any difficulty in accessing it. They also wanted to show the address of the location along with their best route available from the current location to the destination... Read More

  • Smart Shop Application for Android Mobile

    The client is an authorized distributor of computer hardware parts and delivers hardware parts to both the public and the other hardware shops. They required a distributed android mobile application that allowed their sales agents to use a interactive way of presenting the computer hardware products to customers, take orders and make their invoice at the same time and a central inventory application that keep all the records of customers and their invoices developed during the whole day by the corresponding sales agent... Read More

  • P'Pizzeria Application for Android Mobile:

    Client: Restaurant OwnerLocation: Canada Industry: Restaurant & Bar

    The client required a mobile device POS application to facilitate his Restaurant with paperless and quick ordering system. Client was seeking new ways to get food items order through mobile instead of noted down in to papers that helps their waiters to handle his customer quickly... Read More

  • B2B e-Commerce Solution:

    The client wanted high performance e-Commerce solution development for its customers. Client offers its customers full spectrum of Internet and Telecommunication services. Client wanted a development partner company through which client can help its customers implement and execute successful e-Business Strategies.. Read More

  • Campaign Tracking Application:

    Client offers campaign setup and tracking tools to their customers. As part of mail/TV commercial campaign, customers respond to pre-assigned phone numbers. When customers call in, the call data is logged. To evaluate success of a campaign, reports are made available to participating companies. Client wanted to expand its offering to include phone response tracking and business intelligence solutions though dynamic, customized reports and data visualization tools.. Read More

  • Road Haulage System:

    The client offers scheduled transport services for collecting and delivering all types of goods and produce. They wanted business management solution for road haulage, logistics and distribution.. Read More

  • System - Routing International Roaming Mobile Calls Over Internet:

    The Client is a leading Entrepreneur serving multiple industries: Education, Hotel, Entertainment, and Mobile Computing.

    The Client aimed for a system to reduce the roaming cost for the users travelling overseas. He wanted a way via which people travelling overseas may call/receive calls at local call charges. His perception of the system was that a person travelling overseas would purchase a Subscriber Identity Module card, local to that nation and all the calls from overseas that he might be receiving may be diverted to this local number..... Read More

  • Web Application - Art Gallery With E-Commerce:

    Our client owns a world-class Art gallery exhibiting paintings, photographs, sculptures, and more from national and international artists... Read More

  • Web Application - Plotting, Charting With EMA:

    Client is a leading global provider of ultra-low latency IT services to facilitate Electronic trading of stocks. The company provides support and services to its clients enabling traders all around the world to achieve faster execution and lower overall cost of ownership. The client demanded a financial charting website with live data for most accurate / profitable trades and host website that would be able to provide a secure, reliable platform to ensure that their trading system via web is always available to their online customers.... Read More

  • Wordpress Web Application With E-Commerce:

    The client owns a Publishing House in Canada having a dedicated team of authors, editors and designers. The Publishing House encourages the novice writers and aids others who have chosen writing as a profession, to convert their manuscripts to books, with a service suggestion for the promotion of their work.... Read More

  • Wordpress Website With E-Commerce:

    The client is a famous author of a series of spiritual books that are published under his name. He wanted an interactive website for the promotion and sale of his work.... Read More

  • Wordpress Website - Education Related to Trading:

    Client: AuthorLocation: Netherlands Industry: Education

    Client is an author of a series of books related to trade and ways to generate profits by some standard guidelines.... Read More

  • Wordpress Website - Global Education Services:

    Our Client is a reputed Visionary Entrepreneur, providing education services globally .He envisioned a medium to enroll students and publicize his educational university, offering a reputed degree in various courses available.... Read More

  • Wordpress Website - Real Estate Brokerage Company:

    Client has a small real estate brokerage company, and wanted a website for making a global presence.... Read More

  • Web Application - Detailing Domain Utilization:

    Our Client needed a website that portrays the statistical information of multiple domains in a conclusive manner. He wanted a platform to allow its customers to select their domain from a list and get its information represented in an illustrative manner... Read More

  • Android Application - A Real Estate Appraiser Firm:

    Our Client owns a Real Estate Appraiser firm dealing in property valuation and land valuation. As one of the most prominent real estate appraiser firms, they wanted a total conversion from paper oriented business process to mobile technology driven process.... Read More

  • Android Application - Kids Adventure Land:

    Client: Visionary EntrepreneurLocation: Singapore Industry: Hotels and Adventure land

    Our Client owns an adventure land for kids with an inclusive Restaurant in Singapore.... Read More

  • Android Application - Aplha Numeric Keypad:

    Our Client is a Visionary Entrepreneur, who brings his visionary ideas to life, by way of new and exclusive software and Applications. He owns a number of applications and software that has captivated a large audience.... Read More

  • Web Based - Real Time Health Management:

    Client: Tutelage Institute Group OwnerLocation: Sweden Industry: Education

    The client owns a leading Tutelage Institute Group that train people in varying areas of domain. It’s a Group that is spread across various cities and train people depending on their needs.... Read More

  • Drupal Web Application for E-commerce:

    The client is a leading e-Business company specializing in providing B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) e-commerce solutions expanding its catalog to fashion, lifestyle products and others. The company started off in the business of personalization of products, and soon expanded.... Read More

  • SAIDK Testing Project:

    Client is a leading provider of Smart School System and educational data bank in Indonesia. The Client aims to integrates all elements of education in schools include students, teachers, principals, administrators, parents, and even other school community with a Web-application.... Read More

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