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Top Web Development Frameworks 2019

Today, there are multiple web frameworks available out there for you to choose and it can get overwhelming for you & your fellow developers. Especially considering that the rapidly growing new digital age requires everyone to keep up with the latest trends and do things differently, more efficiently. Now, that’s not the complete truth and we know it. You only have to learn the frameworks that can help you as a business & as an individual to stay unique to the competition. With that said, we’d like for you to keep an eye on the most talked about web development frameworks and what's going on with them.

But, before we run you into the list of top web development frameworks, we’d like to give you a brief clarity over what web development is and how exactly do these frameworks align together.

Web development basically refers to events or activities revolving around website development. And web development frameworks add up to be kind of a predefined skeleton, providing the user with a basic structure around which the user can add their code to have a greater functionality of the website or web app. The basic structure that a website includes frontend, server and a database

Client-side (Frontend):

The front-end is everything involved with what the user/client sees and interacts with, including design and some languages like HTML and CSS.

Server-side (Backend)

The back-end, or the "server-side", is essentially how the site works, updates and changes. This refers to everything the user cannot see within the browser, like databases and servers


The Database is the information that’s generated or used within the website. For an instance, all account information of a logged-in user of Facebook is being stored in the database.

So here we are with a list of the top web development frameworks with the aim to help you can save your time and cost. The list is in no particular order and seeks to help you decide which framework will be the best choice for your next web development project.

1. Angular Js

Angular Js is a leading and well-known framework for building JavaScript heavy, single- pagebased web application. Angular is backed by a tech giant named Google. It is a JavaScript opensource framework that can help you make single web-page applications using an MVC (Model

Controller-View) architectural pattern. You can consider Angular Js to be a front-end web framework that comes in handy when you’re developing an eCommerce-based application.
Latest Version: 7.2.3
Language: JavaScript

2. Laravel

Speaking of e-commerce web app development tools, Laravel is one you need to set your eyes on. If you are looking at back-end e-commerce web development tools, Laravel is one of those tools that is an absolute must in your tech arsenal. Laravel uses PHP as its programming language and provides easy to implement functionalities and methods. It provides MVC implementations and was built using best practices recommended by the most experienced developers with security in mind. All of which makes the makes Laravel the best PHP based framework and is considered crucial when creating an e-commerce website.
Latest Version: 5.7
Language: PHP

3. React Js

React Js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that could includes the development of user interfaces for multiple website applications. It is maintained by Facebook alongside a huge community of developers since 2011. React is exclusively used to describe a visual appearance of a user interface element and dynamic interaction with the user. Being declarative in nature, react makes the process of creating interactive UIs a simpler task.
Latest Version: 16.8
Language: JavaScript

4. Symphony

Symphony is an opensource PHP-based framework and is used as a simple and stable way of creating your applications such that they are organized and scalable. Symphony has a large community of developers who work on extensions and plug-ins of this framework. Symphony forces the users to follow a specific structure that helps the application building process flexible and organized. This makes it easy for new team members to know exactly how things are being placed, in turn increasing the efficiency in the long-run.
Latest Version: 4.3
Language: PHP

5. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an opensource web framework that empowers the Ruby language, allowing the user to quickly build a powerful and robust web applications. Everything in ROR is designed to make your life easier as a web developer. It makes assumptions about what you need to get started with when you create a new web application. In simpler words, it allows to write less code and accomplish more. The framework is tested and used by big names like Twitter and SoundCloud.
Pro Tip: Dive deep into the depth of what Ruby on Rails can offer you.
Latest Version: 5.2.2
Language: Ruby

6. Django

Django is a web server built on Python which runs on a server and typically handles requests from a user. It provides a clean and rational design to the database-driven web applications. This opensource web development framework is based on the Model View Templates (MVT) architecture. Django is a little bit of a challenge to learn, but once you know how to use and implement it, it provides you with lot of powerful functionalities right out of the box. Learning Django can help you with understanding other frameworks like Ruby on Rails or many others, and with this you’ll be well equipped to do a lot of different things with Web Development.
Latest Version: Django 2.2 alpha 1
Language: Python

7. Node.js

With the introduction and rapid growth of node.js framework, java script is no longer limited to front-end development. Now developers can build the server side of the apps using one of the many Node.js backend frameworks. Node.js is powerful all by itself. Developers can hash passwords and encrypt strings with just a few lines of code. Node.js also has a testing engine builtin natively. It allows users to develop lightweight, yet highly efficient web applications with large amount of data running through on distributed devices.
Latest Version: 11.9.0
Back-end frameworks(s) that run on this web development platform: Express.js, Koa.js, Sails.js


One of the most popular frameworks built by Microsoft, Asp.net is valued by developers everywhere. Asp.net is a web development technology provided by .net framework. Asp.net has massive libraries and it is all made for enterprise level applications, windows application, mobile application, web pages, web applications and web portals. Some users consider it to be the best web development technology.
Latest Version: 4.8
Language: VB.net, C#, C++.


The above mentioned are some of the most popular and widely used web development frameworks available on the marketplace. Learning and implementing them into your livelihood would definitely bear some juicy fruits. We request you to go you to take a look at all of the abovementioned frameworks and start building something beautiful—for yourself and others around you. And God forbid, if you’re stuck with something, anything, then contact us. Yes, it’s that simple.

Pro tip: Don’t stop until you get a reply.

We welcome you to contact us and know more about how we can add value to your business.

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