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Case Study

Interpreter Scheduling Portal

Client Profile

The client provides solutions wherever language creates a barrier using effective communication. They specialize in conference interpreting, face-to-face interpreting, foreign language interpretation, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and document translation services for government agencies, healthcare and medical facilities, law firms, school districts and universities, corporations and insurance companies.

Business Challenge

Few months back, Suretek Infosoft was approached by a leading global provider of effective communication services for a custom software development task that required Suretek to develop a scalable interpreter scheduling solution that’d smooth the operations revolving around booking interpreters and accepting payments from the completed sessions (remote/over the phone/onsite interpreting).

Interpreting management is a time-consuming task. Language departments do an amazing job, dealing over hundreds of clients’ requests for translation & interpretation services. Managing this process can sometimes be resource intensive and an exhausting task. And for a long period of time, language service departments have not been equipped with the right tools to manage bookings, predict trends or foresee demands of managing interpreters and their availability. And as a leader in interpretation and translation services industry for over a decade, our client believed that the implementation of a robust all-in-one software for language service providers could help the service providers grow by cutting down on the time and resources spent on management, so they could focus on providing excellent language services to their clients or customers.

Suretek Solution

Due the passion of taking up challenges and grow alongside the client, Suretek Infosoft has had the privilege of being the primary software services provider to the client. Our experienced team worked with the client to deliver a best-in-class Interpreter Scheduling software.

The intelligent solution for the interpretation and translation services industry expands the longstanding strategic partnership between the two organizations. The web-based tool for language service providers enables its users to manage face-to-face, remote & over the phone interpretation requests. The system is been designed to give the user the ultimate flexibility— giving them access to optimize the solution as per their current needs.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile
  • We designed & deployed the software for—
    • Agency: This module allows for the translation agencies to create and modify appointments, users, and customers. They are given the ability to review interpreter availability, synchronize invoices with billing and view reports specific to the agency.
    • Interpreter: Interpreters can claim unfilled appointments, set and maintain their availability, and view their schedule using this module. The solution we developed is adaptable with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices and this allows for the interpreters to always get the information they need fast.
    • Staff: The staff’s module is provided with the ability for the users to request and monitor appointments. Groups of staff (users) can share the same schedule.
  • We set up a booking dashboard for the users to review all the bookings from one easy-to-use dashboard. This Dashboard view is shown in a laptop experience. Interpreters using mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) are given a similar layout to increase efficiency & consistency.
  • The booking panel allows the users to manage all the bookings–-past, present and future–-from an easy to use, consistent interface. The booking panel allows users to quickly review those bookings that need follow-up and address any problems with future bookings.
  • Interpreters are given the ability to easily locate appointments at new locations with integrations to dynamic and real-time maps.
  • The software designed in a way for staff, interpreters, and requesters to all be alerted and notified by email, SMS & push-notifications.
  • Set-up real-time reports within Reports & Analytics consisting of quick viewing of bookings broken down by language, customer and activity spanning any duration. Customer-centric data can further be exported in csv format for statistical analysis using tools like Excel.
  • Integrated the calendar view to review all bookings for a customer or interpreter and to easily access the information about the bookings. The calendar allows the user to quickly navigate between months or change the calendar view to a weekly or daily view to more easily review bookings in detail.
  • We set up the web-based tool to be able to generate invoices and for the invoices to be automatically created for all eligible bookings, organized by customer or manually raised within the system.
  • Deployed a payment module that follows the classic upfront approach of book now or pay later to enable requesters to book online when they're on the go.
  • The Interpreter scheduling system is designed along with the client to suit SMEs looking to save time and offer excellent customer service.
Technologies Used

SQL Server, ASP.Net 4.5, C#, Html5, Ajax, jQuery, Google maps API

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