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Case Study

Fully Automated University Management System

Client Profile

The client desired for the complete automation of university operations and was looking for a team of capable software developers to develop a system Entirely Automated with Facilities of Online Admission Management & Tracking with Online Payments from Candidates to University | University to Supplier by Automatic Order Generation | University to Employees for their Salaries & related processes.

Business Challenge

Education is an important and traditional part of the society. As time has progressed, education has also progressed into the modern times. So, in accordance with the progress of education, changing the way of maintaining college information is required. Most of the academy’s work is done manually such as class attendance, sharing notes, college dues, salary payments, tuition fees etc. These processes take time. If all the work is included on an online system, then it can reduce time and work. The Fully Automated University Management System is an Intranet/Internet based application that can be accessed throughout the institution or a specified college/university. The system is helpful for both students, lecturers and college authorities.

The main principle behind the need of University Management System is easy supervision of the college and complete elimination of manual record keeping. The system helps to explore all the activities happening inside the college. It can handle the details of students, lecturers, class details, course details, event details and fee details & more leveraging to the needs of specific universities.

Suretek Solution

The aim of this project is to incorporate a university Management System that automates all the operations of a college. The purpose of developing a web or software system is to reduce paper work and save time, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing the work load.

Our team has a significant experience of ERP solutions developing. Suretek offered the development of complex solutions that represent a bunch of integrated application modules. We have developed several successful cutting-edge solutions, including workforce and facility management suits, workflow apps for business, project management tools, etc.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile

We build and compile the following modules

  • Attendance Management system
  • Admission Module
  • eLearning Module
  • Staff Payroll & Rest of payment module
  • Crime Alert System

Along with the above-mentioned modules below are few of the functionalities deployed in the fully automated system.

  • The deployed solution is adaptable to any alternative educational system.
  • The University Management System will work on a university area network. The system includes all the departments under the client’s college.
  • The business solution is provided with a billing system for finance department.
  • Class attendance, online notes and notice board are made accessible for students to get the information by using their valid registration id and password.
  • Administrator can access all the information regarding any college members on any time of the day.
  • Admin panel can enable the user to edit the login display panel of teachers, staff members, students etc.
  • eLearning module provides E-Library of audio, video, pdf and assignment related information.
  • Online exam paper, to be taken by each candidate appearing in the exam room, with immediate results. Each student even for same batch or class will get different questions of same subject which reduces possibility of cheating.
  • Students can access information like upcoming class, lecture, event month, group work schedules, assignments, test and exam notifications and many more.
  • Student section will also include learning section, so that students can prepare for their exams.
  • Students are notified through integrated mailer if about attendance shortage, notes update, notice board updates & so on.
  • Finance sector of the web-based business solution is deployed with a functionality that can send pop-up notifications and email notification to the registered students about due fee.
  • Generating & printing reports/ receipts/ drafts from all modules.
  • Students can pay the tuition fee through the third-party digital payment integration & staff payroll follows the same steps.
  • Generating Alters in the Client alert system
  • The entire system is accessible on different screen sizes of multiple devices & all the above features along with many more ensures effective support, retrieval and value of institution’s data.
Technologies Used

VB.NET, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server 2017, jQuery 1.12.4, PHP 7, HTML5, Third party Payment Gateway

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