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Case Study

Dropshipping Ecommerce Platform

Client Profile

The client is a visionary entrepreneur who wants to start investing in the trending online dropshipping/drop-surfing business. The client originally started with a niche product range as a rookie in the field of ecommerce business and now is deeply involved, as he noticed that the internet was growing at a fast rate and so were his audience of loyal customers. The client desired a dropshipping platform where users could empower the online platforms to dropship products to build their own successful businesses.

Business Challenge

The client desired to develop a fully functional drop-shipping portal where thousands of newbie retailers (sellers) could access a global platform with a logic of supply chain management. Using this portal, a seller can set up multiple Shopify stores on a single platform. This platform would enable a multitude of retailers to set up multiple stores. The custom build online drop-surfing portal would allow the users to easily import drop-shipped products into their ecommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

The business model incorporated in this portal will allows its users to run their store(s) without ever holding any inventory. Once the user comes through with a sale, the user’s supplier is notified of the order following an immediate shipment of users (retailer/seller) products from the supplier’s warehouse, straight to the customer’s doorstep. You’ll never need to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your products.

Suretek Solution

Upon clarifying every aspect of the project from the client’s perspective, Suretek predicted the potential the proposed solution had to offer the online marketplace for selling products and started developing a seamless online solution to increase sales. Whilst the development phase, the team at Suretek was greatly involved with the client and his entrepreneurial vision.

Suretek developed an online sourcing marketplace-like platform allowing its users to find a multitude of products online and sell them. With the developed web-based solution, the user could access a wide array of products. The user can add/import products to her/his online store. The platform’s sole motive is to enable users to run their own drop-shipping store from any country. The portal work’s exclusively on Shopify’s platform. The deployed drop-shipping platform allows a user to start a drop-shipping business with minimal initial funding.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile
  • The portal is introduced with a subscription models/pricing plans, allowing a stream of revenue for our client and a platform with essential tools to increase sales for a user.
  • The drop-surfing platform is enabled with Auto Order Placement (Auto Fulfillment) to simplify the process of placing multiple orders in a few clicks.
  • The platform allows users to enable individual invoice generating with marketing/branding material with the package that allows customers to know exactly who shipped the product.
  • Verified users can access a list of reliable and verified suppliers to dropship the users products.
  • The user is provided with an ability to add multiple stores to the portal. High subscription model allows users to add up to 5 Shopify stores to the portal.
  • The portal is made available for users to run their drop-shipping business from anywhere in the country—as the user doesn’t have to worry about a physical inventory.
  • Provided the portal with multi-linguistic capabilities to be accessible to a wide range of users from all over the globe.
  • The client’s web application is developed with the ability to work on Shopify’s platform, as requested by the client.
  • The web application can be further used to embed products or a collection of products on the users own site, using third-party tools.
  • Currency conversion is one of the many functionalities provided to the web-solution.
  • Provided an ability to import up to 30000 products in one go.
  • The deployed user dashboard enables the user to view product statistics, for an instance--the number of times a product is being viewed. Allowing sellers to make data-driven decisions on what sort of products the potential customer is looking for.
  • Integrated marketing tools to allow users to market their products, including discount coupons, product reviews, emails for abandoned carts recovery, and subscribers lists for further follow-ups.
  • Payment gateway integration to ensure to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Employed a fast and responsive mobile friendly application.
  • The online store is enabled with auto update product information and real time price changes.
  • The paid user is given the ability to view order count statistics to their product listings.
Technologies Used

PHP, WordPress, J-Query, Ajax, JSON, MySQL, Payment Gateway.

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