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Automated Trading Solutions (DMA)

Automated Trading means a trading system that utilizes very advanced mathematical models for making Transaction decisions in the financial market. The strict rules built into the model attempt to determine the optimal time for an order to be placed.

The automation of strategies helps increase the efficiency of a large number of mundane processes of the financial market. In Automated Trading computer programs are used to enter orders with the computer algorithm deciding on aspects of orders such as the timing, price or quantity of the order, or in many case initiating the order with out human intervention.

These are no ordinary orders and they require no human intervention other than the initial instruction set. These orders are generated by machines that have complex processors analyzing massive amount of current and historical market data. Formulas are designed to recognize correlation or disparities in prices, volume or other statistics and financial instruments involved. PhD’s have programmed the machines to take the resulting data, formulate the data into orders and send the orders to exchange.

Suretek Infosoft develops high performance FIX protocol solutions (automated solutions) that address very specific customer requirements. We enable interfaces for FIX connectivity, develop FIX protocol based smart order routing solutions.

Suretek Infosoft’s FIX Engine supports all FIX session level mechanisms like heart-beat, Unique sequence number, re-login, order entry, routing and execution etc.)

Suretek Infosoft’s FIX solution comes with compete trading infrastructure, OMS, connectivity via FIX, API’s and market data feed modules.

Suretek Infosoft specializes in the development of custom application related to products for the Stock Trading Industry.

What Suretek Infosoft can offer:-

  • FIX-connectivity.
  • Customer specific Automated FIX solutions.
  • Research and Development in Automation of Strategies.
  • Testing and quality assurance.

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Suretek Infosoft is a young expanding offshore IT/Software technology services Company that provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective solutions at highest quality levels.

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