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Case Study

Cryptocurrency Trading/exchange Platform

Client Profile

The client is a Canada based hardware manufacturing company that mainly deals with the manufacturing and development of the hardware equipment required for mining cryptocurrencies.

Business Challenge

There are a multitude of individuals involved in currency and stock trading for a living who are now focusing on cryptocurrencies in hopes of making money with it. As these individuals believe that the crypto trading is going to change the trading game forever and that cryptocurrency is built to triumph over the equity trade. And as the cost of transactions is minimal in comparison to national currencies, individuals are willing to invest in this insanely high-risk market to attain quick profits. This is where our Client decided to provide the community of global investors and traders a secure and easy platform to trade crypto currencies on-the-go.

The big picture of the blockchain and its perks— (quick settlements, lower fees, and decentralization) led the client to approach Suretek to build them a cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform that would allow an amateur or a veteran cryptocurrency trader to perform crypto trades and react to the market from anywhere on the planet i.e. without any geographical restrictions.

Suretek Solution

As passionate as our client is towards the idea of providing a trading platform to every smart phone user ever, & as a leading cryptocurrency development service provider, we were more than happy to help our client deliver the same. The cryptocurrency exchange development was a lengthy and complex process involving tens of hours of development, QA testing, Blockchain architecture designing to deliver a scalable, secure, flawless, functional and easily configurable trading experience to the end users.

The team at Suretek and client sat down to extract all the pain points regarding the business solution and discuss about how the solution is going to overpower all the odds. After a series of brainstorming events and long hours of development Suretek delivered an advanced and future ready cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform that is simple and easy to use. From the developed hybrid mobile app and a web-based platform for the most optimal user experience, the user can buy, sell, and view their trade history, open orders, and view crypto holdings with their total equivalent value in Fiat currency.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile
  • As a part of the rigorous attempts to understand the complexity of the exchange system, we came across users complaining that the popular crypto trading dashboards were a tad too complex for traders to understand. Keeping this in mind, we designed a user-friendly UI design to attract thousands of traders. This ensured that we met the design goals of the client.
  • We designed & built the cryptocurrency exchange architecture to be able to support trades with a number of different currencies. (Multi-Cryptocurrency Support)
  • An order book and market depth chart are incorporated to the system to provide the users with transparency. The market in-depth report is made available via an API.
  • We developed a custom online cryptocurrency wallet that would be provided to a user on registration to the app. The developed crypto wallet will hold on to a series of transaction (in this case—coins) records stored on the blockchain. The wallet is designed to allow its users to control the entire loop of crypto transactions.
  • We designed a crypto-trading algorithm, in other words we developed a trading engine that automates the process of formation of the order books, carrying out the transactions in the background and to calculate the balance associated with a specific users account.
  • We provided the client (the exchange operator) with an admin panel that provides allowance to manage and regulate Cryptocurrency exchanges. The admin panel of the system will address the following functions
  • Addressing the support requests raised by users
  • Managing currencies & and markets like USD/BTC, BTC/ETH, etc.
  • Approving user accounts for trading, after verifying KYC & other new user registration requirements.
  • Editing the spread and trading fees
  • We set up multiple payment processors like payment gateway APIs and banks to ensure the safety of all transactions within the platform. The multi-Payment Processing ensures the safety of the users’ funds required to conduct a cryptocurrency transaction i.e. after a customary predefined condition set up by the smart contracts are met.
  • The users’ cryptocurrency/fiat assets are protected with Enterprise-Grade Security on a multitiered server architecture.
  • The crypto currency exchange portal is designed with utmost security that conducts a two-way authentication--typically matches the records of both the buyer, and seller and only under the circumstances where the pre-specified conditions match, the transactions are initiated.
  • We have ensured the system always relays rapid server response to users (Maximum site uptime and page load speed) for the investors and traders to be actively involved in the trading cryptocurrencies.
Technologies Used

Java, React, Node JS, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Swift, Payment Gateway APIs.

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