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Get 'Globalization of IT' to work for you

Reduce IT complexities, Lower down your cost, Mitigate risk and
Accelerate business growth with the leading Outsourcing partner in India.

Choose us for-

  • Globalization Benefit
  • Best of Both (Quality and ROI)
  • Quality Process
  • Flexible Delivery Model
  • On Location Advisor

Globalization Benefit IT world has leveraged the phenomenon of Globalization very rapidly since early 90s. India is one of the major service providers with current volume of $70 billion IT export and a large pool of 2.5 million IT skilled manpower. It started with GE, GM, Aviva, and Sony’s of the world. Small and Medium businesses (SME) need to leverage IT to stay competitive or sometime stay in business in fast changing Technology driven market place. Suretek started addressing this need of the hour (SME segment of Global Business). Within few months of the initiation we helped few of clients to come out of their troubled state IT project.

Best of Both Suretek Infosoft provides you the attention you deserve however small you may be. We do deliver high quality as we have the combination of good process and good people. We are affordable and good value for money as compared to Tier 1.

Quality Process Quality is most important for us and it is our TOP priority. Often lower price is associated to lower quality. We believe that Quality in IT service is mandatory. We make good quality affordable to our client by our process efficiency.

Flexible Delivery Model We are client-centric and offer services what the client needs, when the client needs it and how he needs. Our clients often do one or two pilots to avoid risk, stabilize the delivery process, gain confidence and adjust IT management bandwidth (i.e. reduce cost of management).

On Location Advisor We know it well that globalization does provide cost savings and flexibility but there is a steep learning curve. Many have learnt it hard way by wasting $ in initial years and there are some who have given up the Global IT journey. Keeping that in mind, all of our Global Offices have an expert available to the client on a 24x7 basis right though the initial ideation/inception to ongoing routine IT service days (i.e. keeping the lights on). We believe there is always a better way of leveraging IT and it is better , hence cheaper, to learn from others mistakes. This is what is offered by the trust worthy advisor.

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Suretek Infosoft is a young expanding offshore IT/Software technology services Company that provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective solutions at highest quality levels.

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