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A Guide On How To Outsource Software Development (2019)

So, you have come up with a million-dollar idea for a Business Software Solution, in other words, an Enterprise Application Software (EAS) or perhaps, a mobile app, or a web platform that could have the potential to make life easier for users. As your next business venture is lost on the path of IT development, we run by you the options on about how to outsource software development for your multi-million-dollar business idea.

Looking at it today, the global enterprise application software development market is Huge (emphasis on ‘H’) and it is going to take a lot of time and effort to find the right developer(s) who is perfect for your software development category. And so, your due diligence on about how to find a good software developer can boost your business idea from ordinary to extraordinary.

Questions related to enterprise-level software application development (down below) will be answered in this blog post & by the end of the article, you’ll have a path to follow. Let’s start.

Freelancer or Agency – Which way to go for Your Software Solution Idea? Hiring a freelancer
  • Hiring a Freelance developer can seem like an extremely striking idea when it comes to cost-effective solutions to all your development needs (provided you don’t hire multiple freelancers for never ending stages of a software development process). But just like any other situation, this situation also has its pros and cons
  • Reduction in cost is one of the major benefits in a freelancing development process.
  • In majority cases, the app developer will be a specialist who you can select according to your project characteristics.
  • Hiring a specialist optimally enhances the quality of the project.
  • Fewer legal issues to face, as Freelancers work under an independent contract as a separate entity.
  • Freelancers are typically working on several projects at the same time, so on one bright sunny day they can suddenly become ghosts and disappear in the thin air (kidding).
  • The risk of misusage of sensitive info (can typically be overlooked by signing NDA).
  • There is no guarantee regarding the deadlines of delivery.
  • The development process is not always organized and process-oriented.
Hiring a Software Development Agency that follows the outsourcing model

A software development company is a team of professionals that usually consists of passionate designers, developers, project managers, writers, and QAs, that offer professional full-cycle services from consulting to product maintenance.

  • One-stop solution to all the development needs. From front-end design to backend development, everything is taken care by a team of diversely experienced developers.
  • All the technical resources of a development agency at your disposal and an expert solution to all your requirements. Better for Big Projects and Startup Development.
  • Agencies care about their Client’s Products & have a reputation to maintain, on the contrary, freelancers can ghost away from responsibilities.
  • Constant Updates and Support which is especially trained exclusively to your needs.
  • Software development companies are constantly evolving and improving, hence have a good grasp on new technology trends.
  • Agencies prefer building a long-term professional relationship and will be willing to develop high-quality products that get positive feedback after they’re launched.
  • The day-to day progress becomes impossible to follow up and you are only able to follow up during the decided call times.
  • A major problem is the time difference. Outsourcing from countries at the other end of world and managing the project can become tricky.
  • The risk of jeopardizing your sensitive data whenever you are outsourcing services is always present. The key is to build a strong NDA and back it up with legal facilities.
  • Higher rates in some cases is the most realistic disadvantage of hiring a software development team over a freelancer.

Looking at the pros & cons of both scenarios stated above, it is fair to state that even with little to no cost hike, hiring an IT service provider will give you best bang for your buck.

Now that you’ll agree with us that--hiring an agency is predominantly a better option, let us look at the scenarios you need to take care of before deciding upon any outsourcing agency.

Steps to follow on how to select an IT outsourcing development Agency?

Getting a custom-Software developed is usually a huge investment for any company and selecting an appropriate Agency for making the application fit perfectly to your needs is in itself a difficult task. But, following a set of indicators beforehand can ease out this process to a great deal.

  • The Agency should be well established with a solid portfolio, for you to be able to judge their work. There should be excellent and appropriate examples of their previously done projects that match with what you have in mind or paper.
  • The Agency must have a wide range of resources who are dedicated & passionate to their work in diverse domains. UI/UX, Android, iOS, Web platforms etc.
  • The Agency should have a good connectivity to be able to cater to all the client needs.
  • If the need arises, the outsourcing vendor should have the resources to travel to the client destination.
  • The vendor must have an excellent grasp on the language they’re serving their clients in.
  • The vendor should be quality focused and have prices that enable their customer sufficient cost saving.
  • The vendor should have well-defined security policies in place to able to ensure no loss or misuse of sensitive information.

With that said, the above-mentioned pointers should find you a capable IT outsourcing partner.

Benefits of outsourcing IT development?
  • Augmenting the speed of your IT development without waiting for the full hiring process can help you save a ton of time.
  • A vendor can assist you in expanding the technological stacks without the need of re-hiring talent as agencies usually have skilled and proficient employees from all around the world at their disposal.
  • Hiring an IT outsourcing business partner can boost the speed of your development process without waiting for the entire development team to be decided.
  • Significantly low startup cost as you won’t have to make any upfront investment, which makes development projects much more attractive.
  • Software development takes less time when people are working on your applications around the clock, so you can get your product to market more quickly than your competitors can.

As stats state that the costs were as less as 50% of setting up an in-house development team when compared to offshore outsourcing. Now let’s see as to How outsourcing can help in reducing cost?

  • Outsourcing a software product significantly reduces costs, especially when you’re a startup. On the other hand, outsourcing also broadens the horizons as to what is the extent of technology you and vendor can implement together.
  • One does not need to spend extra on developing infrastructure. When the work is outsourcing, the partner who takes over the outsourced work, makes necessary infrastructural changes, as per the requirement of the work.
  • Outsourcing IT development in countries like India is much more cost effective than all the other countries.

A hidden benefactor of outsourcing is that if a client company, by any chance, faces problems due to natural calamities, technical crisis or market fluctuations, then the offshore outsource partners can keep working on their assignments. This works wonders in bringing back the company on track.

How to overcome risks involved in outsourcing without compromising on quality?

Let’s be honest, since you are involved in a meeting once or twice in a week to discuss all the progress (on a tight schedule), there isn’t enough evidence to completely rely on the team you have hired to build you a life changing software application. Then on what basis do you decide that the company you are looking to hire is capable enough to handle the kind of quality work you expect from them?

We strongly suggest that you ensure the pointers below are like bread and butter to your new outsourcing partner before you even consider hiring them:

  • Make sure that the outsourcing agency can bring in their collective experience and easily vanquish all kinds of pain points that arise. Rest assured, as companies that have a legacy to be told have previously dealt with various companies and highly diverse projects to tackle the hurdles which might seem new or difficult for you.
  • Ask for the portfolio of the team you’re going to hire, as their portfolio will give you a straight insight in their quality of work. Additionally, you can also ask for references for other projects they might have done.
  • Make it your job to personally evaluate your partner’s potential for success. Hold personal meetings with the team(s) and inquire from them all the doubts and queries about the project you are ever going to have. This could potentially include the business model they follow, the kind of support they provide after the project is pushed live and so on.
  • The last step to ensuring quality--is to work with collaboration and have continuous chats or email conversations about the progress of each day to ensure that you as a client and the outsourcing agency as the vendor are on the same page.

For us to end up on a conclusion as small as this means, you have gone through the above presented pointers on how to get yourself a reliable IT outsourcing partner and are well set & ready to give the idea of outsourcing software development a big ‘Yes’. If you need to start somewhere, feel absolutely free to mail us a info@suretekinfosoft.com with details on what you have in mind for your next digital business venture. Also, ask for information on our previous works and successful outsourcing cases. Some might even say, you could get a trusted partner for life. Good luck!

We welcome you to contact us and know more about how we can add value to your business.

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