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Case Study

Cryptocurrency- Betting Platform

Client Profile The Hong Kong based client sought to build a safe and secure blockchain based platform where its users could have some fun and earn some real money through betting along with the thrill and the enjoyment which the users experience on winning.

Business Challenge Using blockchain, the client needed a web application to make betting less of a gamble. Making money in terms of ether (the cryptocurrency) whilst having fun was the scope of the idea.

Blockchain--already having a global impact on the betting industry can regulate the transfers in the bookmaking business’ licensing procedures.When looking at blockchain betting rooms they confirm that all dealings are fraud free. This means that they have an open source algorithm powered by the crypto technology (Solidity in this very case), which ensures that every transaction circling around plays are transparent and free from scam.

Suretek having a team of dedicated resources willing to commit their complete time to deliver excellence grasped the business vision with ease as the team had implemented blockchain based applications at an earlier stage for a diverse range of clienteles.

The challenge:To harness the functionality of solidity(a contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts)and Laravel (PHP web-Framework) along with Node, digital wallet plug-ins and more,with the sole purpose of providingthe client with anunparalleled solution.

Suretek Solution A few key features inspired us to work along with the client on the blockchain based project are:

  • Decentralization: Enables the users to take control of their own affairs as this is a platform not managed and owned by one company.
  • Privacy: Transactions are private, and one doesn’t need to produce any personal information, as the authorization of the transaction is provided by a code and a link to the account.
  • Accessibility: Anybody can bet on anything ranging from sports to movies to a piece of land and more unless she/he possess cryptocurrency.

Suretek's Contribution And Work Profile Following aspects have been given priority when developing the web application.

  • Since ICO (Initial coin offering) is not involved, the platform doesn’t ask for initial contributions from users to participate in the betting process making the platform trust-free and any number of user(s) can bet on anything using the ether token the user possess’.
  • Employed Smart contracts for the fair investment of users on bet(s).
  • Integrated a digital wallet named Meta Mask. The vault is encrypted and locally stored within the user’s browser, meaning no information ever reaches the servers making the process decentralized.
  • Cross-platform design implemented for users’ device(s) to adapt safely to mobile, tabs or desktops anywhere.
  • Customer education portal to enable the users to understand how the stakes or plays are placed.
  • Implemented chat bot whose services are available 24/7.
  • Provided with comprehensive Database Support services that takes care of all the database support requirements.
  • Employed FAQ extensions to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries.
  • Deployed a responsible Betting platform with a secured manner of work-flow which is not investigated by the owner keeping the user’s crypto wallet safe and sound.

Technologies Used PHP (Laravel Framework), Node, React, MySQL, HTML5, Solidity, Web3js, MetaMask, Oraclize.

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