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Case Study

Web-based Crowdfunding Portal

Client Profile The client desired a platform with an aim to create a positive impact on the society. A portal that would turn the traditional investment process on its head. This Brand-new Crowdfunding portal would enable small startups, charities, and pretty much any individual with an idea to use the Internet to appeal to a large group of potential funders, where each of these funders could contributes a small amount toward the goal.

Business Challenge The client requested a web platform that could help his customers to recognize and find the client’s business easily without navigating through a bunch of irrelevance on the Internet. Where, thousands of donors from all over the country are supporting the nonprofits they love, and for the client to utilize this opportunity, he wanted a portal where users could share their impactful dreams and projects in a way that is accessible to all. This platform would be suitable for both individuals and organizations.

The platform would support the keep-it-all (KIA) donation model where the campaign creators keep all the money they raise. This way there is a high rate of business development, innovation & growth. The client desired a platform for visionary entrepreneurs to publish their business plan that they believe are good for the community and to reach out to thousands of potential donors.

Suretek Solution Suretek was provided with an opportunity to develop a platform that can solve problems--serious problems, by providing entrepreneurs a platform to launch new groundbreaking solutions, and we weren’t going to let loose. We held on to the opportunity & started to build a robust and secure platform to empower innovation.

Suretek's Contribution And Work Profile
  • We provided a seamless user experience with a sleek look, clean design, and intuitive navigation.
  • We enabled the ability to display content across all the devices—cross platform viewing capability.
  • Implemented a dashboard with pending users, projects, and donors.
  • Email integration with ability of sending out newsletters.
  • Integrated social to maximize communications between campaign creators and investors.
  • SEO optimized platform to reach out to as many potential investors as possible.
  • An ability of starting a transparent campaign was provided, so that the typical investor can keep a track on what’s going on with the campaign, how much money is being crowdfunded, who paid what, etc.
  • Dashboard enables viewing of ongoing projects by category in which the client/admin can edit or delete.
  • Third party digital payment integration to ease the process of funding for meaningful ventures.
  • To increase transparency and trust, campaign creators are provided with an ability to portray their ideas/efforts through video, photos and relevant documents.
  • Verifications solutions were deployed for minimizing potential frauds.
  • Compliance monitoring tools were integrated for concealing security constraints.
  • Quick registration, membership and log-in functionality was deployed.
  • Animated slide (images, slogans, videos) functionality which can be customized according to the needs of the admin/client.
  • Blog page with customization was provided.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Instant message box for instant communication.
  • Users can embed videos, images to their campaign.
  • Admin panel can allow the user to delete or accept users and their campaigns.
  • Setting limitations; she/he can view payment information, number of users, projects and all the related statistics.
  • Campaign creator can update her/his project to multiple social media platforms & so on.

Technologies Used Web Framework- Ruby on Rails, Programming language- Ruby, Database- MySQL, Google Analytics, JQuery HTML5.

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