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Case Study

GPS Web-based Vehicle Route Scheduling Application

Client Profile

The client is in a major Logistics Business, leading small to large transport fleet and service teams with multiple addresses to visit and many work orders to fulfill on an everyday-basis.

Business Challenge

The client needed an application that could log and track the routes of all their drivers. The pace at which all the operations were happening ensured that the client’s business was bound to expand rapidly. The client required a multi user web-based system with the flexibility to monitor truck drivers’ log of routes, addresses, payment information and they needed it fast.

In other words, the client needed a full automation of web-based solution to display wherever the drivers were currently situated or where the drivers were shipping throughout the business days. In addition to this, the client wanted the application to run on mobile platforms for higher accessibility. The clients end goal was to distribute the business application as a pay-per-use model to different companies and where the client would sell the access to this highly valuable solution.

Suretek Solution

This was an ambitious project for us here at Suretek because the client’s business model had a potential to multiply and rescale up to new geographies and markets. Suretek has had significant experience in designing and developing route planning software across the years to help its clients manage, monitor and deliver goods on time. And considering the possibility of this systems complexity this was a challenge to any or all of us involved in the project. The solution is developed to enhance planning & managing of distribution fleets that overall reduce operation costs & improve delivery performance.

Suretek deployed a user-friendly Vehicle Route Scheduling Planning Software that adapts to a multitude of business schedules that has easy accessibility on mobile platforms—iPhone, iPad and Android. The web-based solution is ideal for medium-large sized business owners who have their drivers frequently make multiple deliveries in a single trip. The solution can be easily modified such that it could be adaptable for multiple companies while it was just build for a single entity initially. Suretek had the sheer pleasure of working with such an ambitious client having an unparalleled vision. The software greatly reduces transport costs, improves customer service integrated with real-time vehicle tracking.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile
  • The deployed software supports routes that change daily, weekly or seasonally and lets the user plan routes that fit any schedule of any size. And it isn’t simply limited to dynamic delivery route planning or service route designing, but the user can use it for sales route planning—scheduling sales visits.
  • The deployed business solution helps our clients’ business to not only automate the process of route planning, but it also ensures that client is getting more business done with lesser resources.
  • The web-based solution is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari without compromising a minute of value.
  • The application enables the ability to manifest client relations, immediately optimized routes, visual confirmation of new routes, and supports the cause of no printing or paper waste.
  • Enabled user dashboard to get real-time status of the goods being transported via the application. The dashboard provides all the updated information with one click i.e. route, and what trucks and drivers were assigned to those routes, scheduled and actual time of delivery with one click.
  • The solution is provided with a function to lay out the best route that minimizing the route costs in terms of time and fuel consumed.
  • We set up an admin login alongside the drivers and management login.
  • The admin panel would enable the user to set up various companies and update the company credentials.
  • The driver’s login panel are given an ability to view their truck details, route details, number of stops and what goods were needed to deliver. And once the goods were delivering the driver had to drive up to the next shipping destination featured by integrated google maps.
  • The management login panel would let the users to manage the truck and driver routes and monitor the driver’s location in real-time.
  • The system sends an alert to the company specific management about the changes in the scheduled delivery time to foresee an issue with delivery in the system generated route.
  • Developed an ability to view daily trips and routes by driver on a map.
  • The solution also provides exportable trip and driver status reports making it easy to analyze the users entire shipping campaign.
  • Drivers and management are notified if there are changes in the scheduled delivery time.
  • Delivered a robust and secure application that not only served the purpose of the client, but also provided a well-managed system that can store huge records in place.
  • The custom-build business/enterprise solution ensures an easy-to-use route planning interface with fast-paced scaling capacity, whilst providing a better and faster user experience.
Technologies Used

SQL Server, ASP.Net 4.5, C#, Html5, Ajax, jQuery, Google maps API

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