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Our Approach To Billing
Suretek Infosoft provides versatile project delivery models to suit customers’ requirements.

Time and Material This is a widely popular model with projects where it is complicated to define exact scope, specification and implementation plans of software project. Here, the basic rule is, Pay as you go, it can be hourly/daily/weekly/monthly basis. This is usually monitored through weekly timesheets and progress reports.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Price Our fixed time, fixed price model offers customers a low-risk option and can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, Costs and Timelines are clearly defined in the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model.

Hybrid Model The Hybrid Model combines the best of both worlds – Fixed Model as well as Time & Material model. This model is available for our exclusive customers, and is dependent strongly on our relationship and value generation over a period. Some of our customers are driven by budget limitations, with an unclear project scope. For such customers we undertake the major part of the project on Fixed Price and at same time deploy resources on Time & Material basis for rest of the project.

Proof of Concept Our commitment to our clients and confidence in ourselves is complete. So much so that, we would gladly offer a 5- 10 person month Offshore pilot project with our compliments and with minimal professional fee to a new member of our Client family.

Milestone-based payment schedule During remote development, milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring, and the evolution of firm, achievable milestones. This method helps customer to justify payment and a visible progress reduces risk.

Dedicated Center Model Which organization would not like to have a dedicated IT delivery team? A team that understands their business and technology, which can be quickly changed in size without the administrative overhead of resourcing, managing and enabling the team with the infrastructure required. And, of course, delivers high-quality cost-effective solutions. Sounds like a dream! We partner with our clients to invest in replicating their IT environments, training our teams, setting up communication & security systems and integrating our development processes with theirs to ensure that the offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of the client's development facilities. We also invest in creating a pool of additional resources that can be used to augment the team at any time. In India, we can establish and manage dedicated offshore development centers to develop IT solutions, maintain legacy systems, and provide 24-hour, on-call support.

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Our Company

Suretek Infosoft is a young expanding offshore IT/Software technology services Company that provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective solutions at highest quality levels.

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