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Case Study

HIPAA Compliant EHR/EMR Software Solution

Client Profile Our client is an emerging medical service provider in US. It has a passionate team of employees and physicians committed to providing exceptional care and support to the patients. It is also a technology savvy organization that keeps pace with the ever-changing technology and utilizes the same to provide the best in healthcare.

Business Challenge In a widely digitalized world, the client recognized the need for a digital health record maintenance system that made information available instantly and securely to authorized users. The challenge was to build an Electronic Health Record system that allowed the health care provider to have access of every medical record of a patient on the go, leading to less than no causalities in an emergency.

The solution was to make healthcare workplaces self-sufficient by providing access to a patient’s medical history which helped the care givers to make an informed decision about the patient’s treatment plan.

The client turned to Suretek for a consistent and reliable solution. Suretek having delivered web-based healthcare solutions was bound to no hesitation delivering an absolute HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution.

Suretek Solution Suretek along with the client, sat down to a series of visualized meeting helping each party to visualize the latitude of the EHR system that is HIIPAA-complaint leading to the security of a patient’s sensitive data.

The EHR system along with maintaining health records in an Online digitalized format gave assurance to execute tasks that are Offline.

Suretek’s Initial Plans

Developing a Web-based modular hospital management system which covers financial, operational and clinical aspects of healthcare providers.

The EHR software will have a huge impact on the day-to-day medical encounters with ease while providing the care giver the precise information on the patient’s medical history

  • Integrating an e-Prescription (e-Rx) with in the EHR to avoid adverse use of drugs and to send electronic prescriptions to retail pharmacies within the same work flow.
  • Set up customizable reports that lets the user generate special reports for unique medical records.
  • Employ growth charts for health care provider to look after the growth of a child providing them with an early warning of any medical conflict.
  • Set up of a patient portal to provide basic information electronically, entering each requested piece of data just once instead of filling the same details multiple forms jammed into a clipboard.
  • Immediate accessibility of collection of data form any area or system leading to the capability of executing tasks that are offline.
  • Set up Document scanning, allowing the user to create custom workflows tailored to the clinic’s unique needs. With a document-scanning feature built into the EHR solution, the ability to direct necessary supporting documentation to your in-house or external billing clerks, who in turn forward the completed submission for reimbursement. this eliminates the need to obtain, copy and fax documents and reduces the potential for missing paperwork or billing delays.
  • Automated billing for an easy and seamless administration.
  • Employ automated scheduling, an ability to make and manage appointments. Graphic calendar views for individual health care providers and patient reminders.
  • Generation of progress reports, retrieve and report results from laboratory tests and such.
  • Set up a system which can import and export data of a patient to other health care providers for greater efficiency.
  • Store and grant access to patient education material for the registered patients.
  • A user friendly/intuitive user interface for simple and efficient user interaction.

Technologies Used ASP.NET MVC 4, PHP, REST API, Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, Laravel Framework 5.0, Jenkins, SQL Server 2012, Amazon AWS, Laravel-snappy.

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