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Case Study

Chatbot Development For E-commerce

Client Profile

The client is into retail IT offering complete retail management technology worldwide, with an aim to bring an omnichannel-based customer experience benefits that multinational companies enjoy to all sizes of retailer, from point-of-sale eCommerce, to supply chain planning.

Business Challenge

As businesses and consumers make crucial decisions every day, AI-infused customer experience solutions that include decision-making components can radically affect how, when, and why customers actively engage. And this is when the client found themselves in thinking about chatbots. With all the talk in the market about chatbot-driven commerce, our client wondered if they should invest in these automated bots to take customer queries, provide customer service, and potentially upsell to shoppers.

The problem was that the client wanted to know if the customers were satisfied with the product and if the product was shipped successfully. To determine this, stores’ workers had to call or email all their customers which is very time-consuming, and annoying to the customers. And this had to be changed with the involvement of an automated chatbot that’d look after the consumers with care, after every purchase. Soon the client found themselves at the mercy of chatbots, as the benefactors of having a bot embedded into one’s retail business turned out to be a great option as they’d help increase the customer satisfaction levels which in turn improve the client’s revenue margins.

Suretek Solution

With customer engagement and personalization playing a vital role in online retail business, bots could redefine the aspects of cost savings & increase in amount of sales in the retail industry. Aiming to help deliver what the client desired, we at Suretek came up with an entire solution that helped monitor the satisfaction rate and always be in touch with the consumers helping them with queries during pre-sales and post-sales.

The developed conversational chatbot solution is an interactive and engaging way to cut down the shopping time and a possibility to free the user from searching customer support manager. The bot offers consumers better experiences when it comes to shopping, customer service, product selection and more. The chatbot also helps the client with staying a few steps ahead of their competitors and gain loyal customers for their brand with excellent customer service.

Suretek's Contribution & Work Profile
  • The developed and delivered tool takes care of customers’ questions and concerns with high efficiency with much less time, effort and cost.
  • The retail industry-based bot is developed to look after the users once they have made the payment. The bot asks the user for permission to follow up the order from the very beginning. In case, they need to change the shipping address or upgrade to fast shipping or change size or color or cancel order.
  • The team here at Suretek also designed an admin panel using which the store owner could view analytics on the consumer behavior, change the bot’s messages, turn on/off bot from the store and enable live chat with the customer.
  • We have also employed an ability for the store owner to manage & regulate notifications and accept payments using the bot.
  • An additional functionality is feedback gathering. The bot interacts with the buyers during the whole process and to ensure the delivery of better customer satisfaction.
  • We developed an NLP algorithm for the purpose of data gathering and making improvements in customer service. One such example is to calculate the satisfaction rate of the buyer and asking them to provide a feedback on the service.
  • The developed bot makes up for a personal assistant, where in, providing the user with relevant products when demanded, notifying the users when the products are up for sale through push notifications and more.
  • The bot allows for the shop owner to get a higher response rate due to user-friendly and intuitive interaction flows and responses that are personal, captivating and more intuitive than plain text.
  • The chatbot is designed to scale up for a multitude of industries and is compatible with multiple devices, including desktop, tablet, mobile browser, in-app and SMS.
  • The bot leverages existing transcript data and other information from its consumers interactions to continuously improve the usability and user experience.
  • We set up the chatbot to notify the admin to join the conversation with the user if the bot fails to answer a question/provide the appropriate level of service.
  • Automated upselling is set up through mail as the bot gathers customer information in real-time.
  • Using natural language, the bot interprets customer questions about a product and can then follow up with additional questions about the desired products & notify customers about the latest collections and amazing deals based on their individual preferences, order history, and social media activity.
  • With the bot the client can now introduce a leading-edge product/tool that would be beneficial for retailers, customers and the e-commerce industry in general.
Technologies Used

Web Interface Solution: LUIS.AI, SYNC Framework, .NET (C#), NLP, Spring, HTML5, JQuery, Payment Gateway.

Android and iOS App: Xamarin, Cross Platform Development Framework

Database: SQL Server 2014

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