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Case Study

Document Management System

Client Profile Our client is one of the world's leading software Research and Development providers, offering a wide range of Quality Management and Document Control related software(s) to improve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of businesses in various subdivisions.

Business Challenge The client demands a business product for management of papers/documents of internal affairs of a business processes for a wide array of customers—from product request to potential queries to placing orders to generating invoices, this process involves a range of documents in both paper and electronic format that needs to be handled, maintained and be made accessible at any time of the day to the authorized personnel. Hence the need for a product that can serve as a quality document management system adaptable to businesses in various sectors.

The mission was to automate business processes and workflow under the current manual storage and filing structure and making it easier for the users to navigate, add, edit and delete folder and subfolder, set user & access permissions & more. Our client also seeks for the information to be accessed by a community of related employees from anywhere and everywhere.

Suretek Solution The transition from physical records to digital records into a bespoke developed. The client was provided with a DMS (document management system) pool with the luxury of accessing files from anywhere, even on the road. The secure system allowed distribution of document(s) related to business/trade among the entire squadron of a businesses’ employees and the community of directors, making the workflow secure and efficient.

The custom developed Document Management System provides the client with the ability to convert, store and share a variety of digital documents within a network. Following aspects have been given priority when developing the web-based solution.

  • Security and distribution.
  • Linking the application to the business(s) workflow.
  • Making the application mobile/tab responsive.
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Workflow Automation.
Suretek's Contribution And Work Profile
  • The deployed system is capable of keeping a record of the various versions of the documents created and modified by different users. (User activity/Version control)
  • Automated Document Sharing enabling sharing of multiple documents from main folder to a subfolder for users not in the group.
  • Functionality of setting levels of permission for access, preview, download, edit, upload and share. Ensuring individual users can only see what they need to. These protocols also allow sharing web links with passwords & expiration dates.
  • Developed document Revision history functionality for unlimited document version control (who uploads, edits, shares, views what and when along with a time stamp).
  • Documents can also be set to auto-expire.
  • Deployed email notifications where related party is notified of deadlines.
  • Powerful wildcard Search Features to find documents and files in a matter of seconds using keywords such as folder ID, content, metadata, tag, author.
  • Audit trial is integrated to keep track on Document view and update History(transparency) for Critical Documents.
  • Extremely flexible user and group-based security along with many system level rights have been provided to the client.
  • Integrated built-in reports for Administrator to get insight and useful data related to documents, users and other important business processes.
  • Integration of Google Docs and Outlook to allowing user to open, edit and share files directly from his/her most commonly used applications.
  • Prevention of data loss with alerts of unusual download activity, shared files with sensitive information and uploads with prohibited data.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality to gain access to information from anywhere, thanks to the web-based access.
  • Document Scanning Capabilities are provided to ensure the software can queue up multiple documents for scanning for the ease of readability.
  • A simple and easy-to-use user dashboard makes it mission successful for us and our client.

Technologies Used Java, Html5, Ajax, jQuery, MySQL.

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